Jumpstart your People Analytics Capability

People Analytics for Non-Analysts | Certification Program
Our People Analytics for Non-Analysts Certification program helps you learn the fundamental skills to visualize your data, build analytical skills and make great data driven decisions.
Drive your HR team's credibility as a strategic function by leveraging dashboards, data visualizations and data story telling using industry leading Business Intelligence tools for your HR reporting.


Interactive Workshops

4 X 2-hour sessions


12 Months

Annual license to HR Datawiz


8 Modules

40+ Dashboards + access to new releases

Powered by HR datawiz

Your HR Data has a story to tell, and HR datawiz will help you tell it with intuitive dashboards that allow you to present data and actionable insights to decision makers.

Throughout this training you will be working with real datasets and a world leading analytics platform Tableau , to learn skills you can immediately begin applying in your work.

Data Visualization

Learn how to present insights gleaned from data through HR reports and data storytelling.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Use HR datawiz to apply strategic workforce planning to build reports on Talent Pipelines, Succession , Retention risk and Diversity & Inclusion Management

Interactive Dashboards

Learn how to analyze your HR data with a world leading analytics platform.

Data-storytelling Techniques

Enhance the way you communicate data-driven recommendations and actionable insights through an effective narrative.

Quickly and easily implement People Analytics within your organization

Using HR datawiz and your existing talent data.


  • Talent Risk Analytics
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Talent Segmentation
  • Performance Calibration
  • Talent Calibration
  • Retention Risk
  • High Potential Identification
  • Talent Impact Index
  • Loss of institutional knowledge, retirement risks, ineffective on-boarding and poor replacement planning are all talent risks that have the potential to have a serious impact on your business.
  • These analytics will help you visualize the talent risks by manager, department and company, and adopt a proactive approach to eliminating, reducing or mitigating risks in your talent pool.
  • Combine diversity data with tenure, age, level and function and you can quickly see a snapshot of the history of your organization and how it has changed and evolved over time.
  • These analytics allow you to visualize the impact of a diversity and gender equity initiatives and identify areas that require attention
  • Your company will differentiate customers to better tailor their products or services to meet their needs. How effectively are you segmenting your talent to meet their needs and understand your pipeline?
  • These analytics use 5 key data points to automatically segment your talent based on the context in which they are operating. This means you can create more personalized development interventions and allocated resources based on the challenges each segment is currently dealing with.
  • Does your performance review process accurately differentiate performance? Is your performance calibration process seen as fair? Performance ratings can have a significant negative impact on motivation and engagement if the process is seen to be biased or unfair.
  • These analytics help you visualize the performance data to identify harsh, lenient and fair raters (managers) and recommends a “fairness” adjusted score based on calibration group norms
  • The 9 Block performance vs potential grid has had mixed success across organizations that have used it. The 9 block, if completed accurately, can provide valuable insight in an organization’s ability to meet it’s current, and future, talent requirements.
  • These analytics provide insight into placements, highlight anomalies and inconsistencies, and provide advice on how best to invest in talent based on where people are placed in the grid
  • How much will it cost to replace someone if they leave? How likely is a person to leave? Retention analytics helps organizations to proactively take steps to retain high impact talent and address engagement issues, or reduce impact before an employee has made up their mind to leave.
  • These analytics prioritize retention risks and suggest actions that managers can take to mitigate and reduce the likelihood of key talent leaving
  • How much will it cost to replace someone if they leave? How likely is a person to leave? Retention analytics helps organizations to proactively take steps to retain high impact talent and address engagement issues, or reduce impact before an employee has made up their mind to leave.
  • These analytics prioritize retention risks and suggest actions that managers can take to mitigate and reduce the likelihood of key talent leaving
  • How valuable is each person in your company relative to every other person? It’s difficult to remove subjective bias when it comes to identifying high value talent, but by using 7 key data points, you can create a talent index that does just that.
  • These analytics combine a variety of data points from the other modules to create a single, numeric value that can help you to index your talent from highest to lowest value. This allows you to identify what to do to increase the value of an individual, or, when tough decision have to be made, use data to understand the impact of each person’s loss

We solve 3 people analytics capability challenges

In 90 seconds we’ll show you how HR datawiz will assist your HR analytics with data, technology and design capability.


We train you to source, validate and connect your HR data.


User-friendly technology allows you to simply plug and play.


Powerful, interactive dashboards built specifically for HR.

You don’t need to be a data scientist to be a good people analyst.

The HR datawiz People Analytics for Non-Analysts Program helps you visualize your people data.

We built HR Datawiz to integrate with all major HRIS systems


Why HR Datawiz?

We know that a certified program won’t jumpstart your people analytics capability, that’s why we offer an annual license to HR Datawiz Analytics. After completing the training, you will have the SKILLS and the TOOLS to become an HR Reporting Specialist and be able to gain insights from your own data to help business leaders make strategic decisions.

What software do I need?

As apart of our PAFNA certified program, you will have access to Tableau and the 43 dashboards that make up HR Datawiz with  repository demo data for the course.

Is there a fixed schedule?

The schedule is coordinated based on your teams/organization’s availability.

How long do I have access to HR Datawiz for?

You have access to HR Datawiz for 1 year with an option to renew to our latest version in 2022.

Are there any pre-requisites?

No! This course is tailored and designed for those HR professionals that don’t have a background in analytics and data analyzing.

Is there a self paced option?

Research has gone to show that self paced courses have an average completion rate of less than 5 %, therefore our certified program is an online interactive workshop carried out by a dedicated program instructor split into 4 2-hr sessions.

A must-attend program for every HR professional wanting to future proof their career

Gugu KhaziInternational Speaker and HR thought-leader

Book a free 30 minute taster session

Find out about our people analytical capabilities and live, interactive training exercises and demos of powerful pre-built analytics for your HR team.

In this free session we will take you through:

  • How we create a tailored people analytics program for your organization.
  • What people analytics modules you have the option to include in your program
  • The type of dashboards, data visualizations and data storytelling you can expect during our interactive training sessions.

No prior exposure to analytics is necessary

The People Analytics for Non-Analysts program offers a practical, accessible introduction to people analytics and data visualization

Our customers use HR datawiz to rethink the way they work.

Peopletree are leading industry practitioners

Peopletree Group has been speaking at the HR Directors Conference for over 8 years, focusing on industry practices and concepts in the world of analytics and people data.

*Knowledge Resources is a leading Human Capital business management and content provider that holds yearly conferences that dive deep into the future of HR strategy and analytics.

Peopletree Group is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®.” This means upon completion they are eligible to receive Professional Development Credits

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