4 easy steps to...

Creating a TalentPrint

Step 1.

What are my strengths?

Start with a simple process of selecting your top 6, and next best 6 strengths

These characteristics are based on a study of 96 research papers that identified high performing behaviors in 13 countries, 12 industries and 5 levels.

Step 2.

Find out what others think

Select people who can help you identify your strengths.

We use an endorsement process where each person is limited to identifying your top 6, and next best 6 characteristics.

This process reduces rater bias, focuses on the positive, and can be completed in under 3 minutes. 

Step 3.

Compare your strengths to company needs

By comparing your strengths to a customized set of company needs, you can see how to best use your strengths and where they may need to be developed.

We have 100’s of pre-defined needs and we customize to your organization where necessary.

Step 4.

Identify what attribute to develop and get a development plan

Answer a few questions and prioritize which behavior to develop.

Get immediate expert advice on how to develop that behavior and create your development plan.

There are over 320 personalized development ideas that are easy to implement and action. 

Companies can connect their learning resources directly to TalentPrint

Turn digital content in your existing Learning Management System into a high performing asset by adding course suggestions to your conversations. Single-click hyperlink opens suggested content within your own LMS environment. 

Sample People Analytics from TalentPrint

We have a number of pre-defined analytics reports. Reports can be fully-customized. Interact with your data and tell compelling HR stories.

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We'd love to show you how TalentPrint could benefit you and your company.

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