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Success starts with who

Answer the most important questions about your top talent. Make better people decisions, faster.

Woman happily working on tablet with various dashboards displayed behind her.

Success starts with who

Answer the most important questions about your top talent. Make better people decisions, faster.

Woman happily working on tablet with various dashboards displayed behind her.

Answer the critical ‘who?’ questions business leaders ask

HR solutions that give you fast, accurate insights to help you make better people decisions.

Talent and HR Solutions

Your people data has a story to tell

Peopletree Group provides talent solutions that help businesses simplify people processes and empower teams to make better, unbiased talent decisions.

Talent decisions have never been this easy

Empower your teams with immediate insights, and free up more time for the things that really matter.

Enhanced data quality

Bring together all your people data into one, easy solution with powerful people analytics.

Informed talent conversations

Shift your business decisions from opinions to factual, data-driven talent choices.

Simpler, automated processes

Simplify and automate time-consuming manual processes with built-in data management and analytics.

Answers in real time

Collect, analyze and visualize data in a way that always answers your critical ‘Who?’ questions on the spot.

Solutions that help you make better people decisions, faster

We combine quality data, streamlined processes, and technology into solutions that enable you to focus your time and attention on the right things.

Talent Review Solution

Bring the power of data to talent conversations

Streamlined Data Collection: Automate assessments, aggregate data and communicate effortlessly.

Easy Talent Reviews: Instant insights for informed discussions and better investment decisions.

Empowered Top Management: Equip managers, HR and your leadership teams to identify high potential and develop top talent.

Skills and Competency Mapping

Understand your skills gaps, ensure your future growth

Enterprise-Ready Frameworks: Globally recognized competency frameworks, designed to help you evaluate who aligns with your business needs.

Flexible Licensing: Adaptable solutions, built for agile companies.

Skill Based Analytics: Simply your “Who?” skill questions with ready-to-deploy, easy to configure skills-based analytics and reporting.

Succession Management

Uncover who’s next with data driven succession management

Automated Efficiency: Centralize all your succession data and streamline the nomination process to quickly identify who is ready.
Readiness Assessments: Assess readiness using our research based frameworks designed to improve the accuracy of your leadership pipeline forecast.
Succession Insights: Tailored analytics by function, geography, or custom segment to lead Exco and Board decisions about which young leaders to invest in for tomorrow.

People Analytics

Unlock every "Who?" insight from your people data with custom analytics solutions

Data Solutions: Fully managed data design, architecture and ETL, creating the foundation for your people analytics.
Business Alignment: Drive a culture that values people data by aligning people analytics with business priorities.
Total Analytics Solution: Delivered through Tableau, we support your entire journey including architecture, implementation, dashboard design training and change management.

We make it simple to answer your 'who?' questions

Embrace the power of data where every “Who?” opens a door to opportunity. With Peopletree Group you can transform your talent data, automate manual processes and harness talent insights.

If it’s complex.

We simplify it.

We collaborate with you to simplify even the most complex of people challenges.

If it’s slow.

We accelerate it.

Don't let technology and skills gaps delay your initiatives.

If it’s inefficient

We optimize it

Regardless of your current level of people analytics and HR process maturity, we meet you there.

Let's explore how our solutions align with your business needs.

Our team is committed to making things better, faster, easier, and more impactful for your business, so you can achieve success with confidence.