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Building a platform of behavioural research from 27,000 youth to drive eCommerce growth in Africa. ​


Initiated by a global non-profit, the project’s goal was to increase e-commerce and digitization of the informal economy in West Africa. Along with implementation partners, we created a platform of behavioural data and research by assessing 27,000 young people to identify the availability and distribution of skills within the market. An international team of researchers are working with this data and plan to integrate recommendations into future deployment of development capital and guide governmental policy making.




20 Months


27,000 Youth

Value Driver

Ability to provide career guidance and support to career entrants to support the growth of e-commerce.


A global non for profit and its partners initiated a project in the West African market to drive an increase in e-commerce and encourage digitization of the informal economy. We were asked to identify the type of skills required and their distribution within the country by assessing public volunteers to create a data platform for research.


There was limited data available that could help project stakeholders and governmental policy makers understand the type of skills needed, if those skills were available in the market and how those skills might be developed to change the eCommerce landscape.


We designed a four-step solution to eCommerce skills transformation within businesses across the country. The first stage was to identify e-commerce opportunities. The second stage was to onboard potential stakeholders, including customers, employees, and suppliers. The third was to grow the ecosystem with suitable e-commerce support systems, such as showing businesses how to deal with online enquiries and suppliers. The final stage was to maintain new habits and keep the digital culture alive. We then mapped the four stages to behaviours to identify eCommerce roles and use these as a basis for communicating which skills were important, and how individuals could develop their personal fit for the eCommerce landscape.


We deployed the TalentPrint assessment tool onto the regions biggest job seekers platform with 10 million registered users. The project was publicized nationally on television, radio and newspaper with government officials speaking about the importance of eCommerce to drive small business growth.

Results and Conclusion

We connected with over 28,000 participants and helped them understand their role in an eCommerce future. Results of the study were published internationally and are being used to inform future phases of the project in other countries and ultimately will be used to guide the development of policies that will encourage small business growth.

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