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Peopletree Group

We specialize in helping you build an integrated people ecosystem.

Our approach is designed to provide you with the tools and resources you need to make informed decisions about your workforce and drive business success.

What we do

By leveraging our expertise in research, data, technology, and analytics, we help you make informed decisions about your workforce and create a culture of excellence.​

Talent and Research

Our Talent and Research team brings a wealth of strategic HR knowledge and expertise to the table. With our senior talent and research experts, we provide you with the insights you need to build a strong talent management strategy that aligns with your business goals.

Data Driven

Our Data team helps you better leverage your people data through a centralized and user-friendly approach to data administration. By streamlining your data processes, we help you make more informed decisions about your workforce, identify potential challenges, and take proactive measures to address them.


Our Technology team develops, implements, and integrates custom software solutions that are uniquely designed to address your specific needs. We leverage the latest technology to develop tailored solutions that streamline your processes, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.


Our Analytics team develops on-demand analytics solutions that provide you with insights and reporting into every aspect of your workforce. By analysing your data, we help you identify key trends, spot potential issues, and take proactive measures to address them before they become bigger problems.

At Peopletree Group, we are committed to helping you build an integrated people ecosystem that drives business success.

Peopletree Group by the numbers

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Countries of Reach
Assessments Completed
Languages Supported
Meet the Team


Between our team and our technology, we support 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German.

Through technology, industry expertise, and a solution design approach, we deliver total talent solutions quickly, effectively, and with as much, or as little support as you need.

Our Leadership

Founding Partner / Director of Innovation & Research

Martin Sutherland

Martin is the Co-Founder and Global Director of Peopletree group. With over 30 years of professional consulting experience across various sectors, including ICT, Energy, Financial Services & Banking, Transport, Retail, and Manufacturing, Martin’s approach is characterized by practical, data driven talent solutions that aim to improve the design of an organisations people ecosystem.​

Managing Partner / Director of Business Operations

Brett Mulder

Brett joined Peopletree Group in 2013 and has been Managing Partner since 2019. He has helped clients in over 30 countries optimize their human capital and achieve business goals. With years of experience in developing and implementing effective leadership and talent strategies, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role and is committed to delivering customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.​

Our Team

Head of Technology Solutions

Rob Heymann

Rob is a full stack software engineer with over 15 years of practical experience at one of the largest banking groups in Africa. He manages the complete secure development lifecycle for our technology platform and client implementations. A specialist in Scrum and Agile, Rob manages a team of development, business intelligence and UX/UI specialists that work together to deliver on client requirements.​

Director U.S. Operations

Jennifer Zelvin McCloskey

Jennifer Zelvin McCloskey, Esq., serves as Peopletree Group’s Director of U.S. Operations. A licensed attorney with over 20 years of experience, Jennifer has practiced in various fields including corporate bankruptcy, commercial litigation, and estate planning. She holds an LL.M. in Taxation and a Certification in Estate Planning from Villanova University. Jennifer holds licenses to practice law in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Florida, and North Carolina. Jennifer is also the Director of the Trust Management Minor program at the University of Delaware, where she teaches and develops courses in trusts and fiduciary taxation.

Her diverse legal background and expertise in business management make her a valuable asset to Peopletree Group’s global operations.

Non Executive Director

Nigel Lee

Nigel Lee, non-executive director, has a wealth of experience in the Financial Services Sector in Mauritius. A Curtin University Australia graduate, member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and member of the Mauritius Institute of Directors, Nigel has spent over 15 years in various leadership roles and is currently the Head of Mauritius Operations for the Clermont Trust Group. Nigel’s expertise strengthens Peopletree Group’s global reach and operations.

Solution Design Manager

John Retana

With a background in Industrial Engineering, John passion for delivering innovative and effective solutions has helped organizations across various sectors, including healthcare, finance, and manufacturing, achieve their business goals. With his skills and expertise, John is dedicated to helping clients optimize the design of their people ecosystems to achieve sustainable growth.​

Solution Delivery Manager

Carla de Freitas

As the Solution Delivery Manager for our EMEA markets, Carla works to coordinate successful implementations across 18 countries and in multiple languages, responsible for the support of over 50,000 end users of our technology solutions. Carla provides an advisory and support role to HR clients, ensuring everyone has access to the training, support and education they need to create value with our solutions.​

Data Systems Engineer

Jannes Roos

Jannes is Peopletree Group’s Data Systems Engineer, having started in 2018 as a Database Administrator. He designs sustainable data solutions for clients, and manages data lifecycles and the Tableau Server environment. Jannes ensures secure, compliant, and scalable data architecture. With his expertise in data management and Tableau engineering, Jannes helps clients unlock their data’s full potential.​

Business Development Manager

Jamey Sutherland

Jamey brings a background in sales and account management to his role, where he now has a specific focus on working with new clients to better understand their needs and business goals. As a Solution Sales Specialist, Jamey is responsible for identifying new opportunities for growth and ensuring that client needs are comprehensively understood and aligned to our solutions, to create maximum value. ​

Client Services Manager

Jemima Haddad

Jemima’s background in recruitment and marketing have been invaluable since joining Peopletree Group in 2019. These skills have helped the business improve all aspects of client management as we grow and scale. Jemima works closely with the executive team to create structures and processes that enable more efficient delivery of solutions and services.​

Financial Manager

Debbie O’Meara

Debbie is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a decade of experience at KPMG in Audit and Technical Accounting Advisory, Debbie manages all aspects of the finance function, working with our global network of clients, partners and audit teams to ensure strong financial controls and regulatory compliance.​

Marketing Manager

Leigh Hoft

Leigh Höft, our Marketing Manager, brings a rich background in healthcare and marketing. With a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Wits Business School, she transitioned from Wellness Specialist to Head of Product in previous roles, cultivating her passion for marketing. Leigh’s unique background allows her to develop compelling campaigns that resonate with our diverse audience. Based in South Africa, she is committed to harnessing Peopletree’s creative voice, and enhancing our reach through strategic marketing and social media initiatives.

Graphic Designer

Quentin Duncan

Quentin is a remote work veteran with over 20 years of experience across various media and industries. His design skills amplify our solution implementation and bolster the effectiveness of our change management initiatives. Quentin excels in UX and interaction design, crafting user-friendly interfaces for websites and applications. Adept in diverse graphic design tasks, he handles conceptual presentations, brochures, presentations, and infographics, ultimately helping Peopletree Group clients reach their project goals.

What we do

A few reasons why people work with us

Long Term Thinking

We are on a mission to help our customers design sustainable people ecosystems for the employees of tomorrow.


We bring together a diverse set of skills that move freely between projects according to customer needs and solution requirements.

Solutions Driven

Our people work collaboratively from across the world with the shared value of listen carefully, think differently.


Global Partner Network

At Peopletree Group, we believe that success is best achieved through collaboration. That’s why we have built a strong and valued partner network that helps us provide the best possible solutions to our customers. Our network includes some of the most respected names in the industry, each bringing unique expertise and capabilities that complement our own.

Michael Friedman

The Friedman Group​

Houston, USA

Michael Friedman, Principal of TFG Texas and Peopletree Group Partner for North America, brings a rich experience of 30+ years in global Talent Analytics, Leadership Development, and Organisational Design. With a history as Fortune 500 executive and Rice University adjunct faculty, Michael is a renowned podcaster, speaker, and adviser to numerous boards on executive assessment and C-suite succession. Collaborating with Peopletree Group, he unlocks organisations” full potential, masterfully transforming talent management processes to foster business success. Listen to Michael’s podcast here.

Shivam Dhawan


Aveiro, Portugal

Entrepreneur Shivam Dhawan, founder and CEO of GetBoarded and co-founder of VideoWiki, specializes in Education, Social Impact, and Sustainable Travel. His expertise in analytics and business strategy enhances Peopletree Group’s mission by leveraging blockchain and AI to providing an emerging technologies perspective to our business roadmap. His passion for innovation helps drive success and growth for client organisations worldwide.

Selma de Morney


Cape Town, South Africa​

Founder of Humanfire and a certified Peopletree Group Implementation Partner for Southern Africa, Selma specialises in skilfully guiding CHROs and HR teams through large scale culture, change and talent transformations. Through our collaboration, Selma broadens the reach of both organizations, ensuring the delivery of tailored, best-in-class solutions to address each client’s unique needs in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Gugu Khazi​

Talent Intel​

Johannesburg, South Africa

Former executive at multinationals Coca-Cola and Kimberly-Clark in London, Talent Intel founder Gugu Khazi now helps clients translates business strategy into talent strategy. Her coaching, HR expertise, and partnership with Peopletree Group enhance talent management and growth for clients across Southern Africa. Gugu coaches’ leaders in personal mastery and leadership and is a published author of the book “Passion to Careers”.

Laura Acres

Executive Coach

Johannesburg, South Africa

Financial services leader Laura Acres, with 21 years of experience, enhances Peopletree Group with her executive coaching. As a former executive in a high performing public company and experienced leadership coach, Laura brings a valuable coaching capability to Peopletree Group. Her approach to leadership development and professional growth drives success, enriching leadership capabilities for clients across many industries.

Rajeev Gopalakrishnan

Strategic Leadership Consulting

Chennai, India

Based in Chennai India, Rajeev is a season HR professional specializing in individual, team and organisational development. His partnership with Peopletree enhances organizational alignment, talent management, and succession planning for clients. His integrated talent management experience help us drive growth and success for clients in various industries and sizes across India.

Patrick Ngolobe

Africa Executive Leadership Solutions

Kampala, Uganda

Certified Implementation Partner based in Uganda; Patrick Ngolobe is a seasoned HR professional. Patrick has led talent and culture transformations in corporate and government sectors, including at Umeme, Diageo and MTN. His focus on talent strategy and cultural transformations helps us foster growth and success for clients and organisations across the East Africa region.

Emmanuel Mutuma​

Bridge Talent

Nairobi, Kenya​

Emmanuel Mutuma, CEO of Bridge Talent Group based in Nairobi Kenya, uses his expertise in HR tech to bridge labour gaps and enhance talent management for organisations of all sizes. Former CEO of Brighter Monday, he positively impacted millions of job seekers in East Africa. His strategic marketing education from London Metropolitan University, along with his dedication to people development, enriches our solution design, driving client success.

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