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Peopletree Soundbites is a series of interviews and expert opinions from the brightest minds in human resources around the globe on the value of building sustainable People Ecosystems by connecting who counts to what counts.

Featured episodes

Episode 1

Traditional challenges to promotion and deployment

Cesar Aguirre, Senior Vice President at American Tower Corporation, describes how a simple change in employees’ perspectives can help to improve the quality of career conversations, and why the concept of “talent marketplaces” may be limiting our ability to build sustainable, and resilient People Ecosystems.

Episode 2

The People Ecosystem paradigm shift in promotion and deployment

Michael Friedman, President of the Friedman Group, discusses how an ecosystem approach can improve the efficiency of promoting and deploying people and explores the role of data analytics and AI in enhancing the employee experience.

Episode 3

Empowering employees through data-driven career conversations

Marsha Walusimbi, Head of Talent and DE&I for Africa at a leading multi-national organization, shares valuable insights in a webinar hosted by the Human Resource Management association of Uganda (HRMAU). With a wealth of experience in HR management and Learning and Development, Marsha provides a unique perspective on how businesses can use data to support talent management strategies.

Meet our talent architects

Cesar is a senior international human resources executive and strategic business partner, offering a wealth of experience in developing corporate best practices, leading in multicultural environments and designing HR platform programs to leverage business models and achieve corporate objectives.

Cesar AguirreSVP of Human Resources at American Tower Corporation

Michael has a passion for teaching, consulting and coaching both line managers and human resource professionals in organizational design, talent analytics, and succession management. He has over three decades of experience in multiple industries in the US and internationally. He was formerly an executive at a Fortune 500 company and adjunct faculty at Rice University. In addition, he serves as an adviser to numerous Boards of Directors and C-suite executives.

Michael FriedmanPresident of The Friedman Group

Marsha is the Head of Talent, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) for the Africa division of a leading, international organization. She currently oversees performance management, employee engagement initiatives, recruitment, skills and competency development and leadership programs.

Marsha WalusimbiHead of Talent & DEI Africa

Do you want to be our next featured talent architect on the topic of ecosystem thinking?

To build a thriving People Ecosystem, you have to have a thorough grasp of how each person fits into the system – their roles, unique skills, competencies, and how they contribute to the overall performance and success of the business.

If you’re an HR specialist or a consultant specialising in HR, with a passion for data-driven talent decision making, we’d like to hear from you.