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Thoughtware based on research, data, and experience.

We know that success isn’t just about having the right tools or technology. It’s also about having the right ideas. That’s why we’ve made thoughtware a central part of our approach to helping clients design better, more sustainable people ecosystems.

Solving Complex Problems

We’re constantly refining and updating our mental models, concepts, and proven strategies to help our clients solve complex problems and achieve their goals.

Whether you need help with talent management, data analytics, or technology, our thoughtware can help you drive progress and create new solutions that meet your evolving needs.

Think like an ecosystem.

You can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created it.

Nature has been building and destroying ecosystems for as long as there has been life on the planet. Ecosystems provide a different way of looking at how to organize interactions with one another. Successful ecosystems not only survive, but thrive.

Our current view of organizations is still heavily influenced by the industrial mindset of command and control. It no longer works as a reference for designing the way we should work together.

What is an ecosystem?

In nature healthy ecosystems are
  • More productive because they utilize more of the available resources since not all species compete for the same resources.
  • More resilient because they are not overly dependent on a single species.
  • More adaptable because more diversity of species provides more attributes to access.
  • More valuable because each species has a different role and performs a different function and adds value in its own way.

We partner with you.

Together we will help your organisation to
  • Identify how your people ecosystem creates value for various stakeholder
  • Evaluate the HR processes that shape your people ecosystem
  • Prioritise actions to take to design your desired people ecosystem.

People Ecosystems

A people Ecosystem is a network of relationships and interactions between individuals and groups, where everyone plays a role in creating a supportive and thriving environment.

Each member contributes to the success of the system by bringing unique skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table. In return, they receive support and resources from others.


At Peopletree we leverage technology, research and data to help companies build healthy people ecosystems.

Designing a blueprint for your People Ecosystem

Understanding the type of organization you want to build, we can rapidly create a blueprint for your future HR operating system.

Aligning the blueprint to your business context

Refining that blueprint with your HR team, we create a solution that will work for you to transition from where you are to where you want to be.

Implementing a sustainable solution

Providing a full set of capabilities (HR, IT, Data, BI, change and project
management) we ensure adoption so you realize the full value of a healthy people ecosystem.