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Aligning Leadership Competencies with Business Strategy for Enhanced Organizational Success.


The executive team for a large multinational FMCG company needed a way to translate complex strategy documents into a simple set of competencies and capabilities that could be communicated across the business using language all stakeholders would understand. They wanted to translate their strategic vision into a set of human behaviors that would serve as a development compass for managers at all levels. Our Organizational Genome was designed to provide exactly that. ​




3 Weeks


Global Strategy

Value Driver

Ability to align leadership talent with strategic capabilities required to execute strategy.


In order to successfully execute a company’s strategy, it’s essential to have the right talent with the necessary capabilities in the right positions. However understanding what those capabilities are is the disconnect between an executive setting strategy, and talented employees executing on it. That’s where the Organizational Genome comes in. This tool helps to define the capabilities required to execute a company’s strategy and translate them into competency profiles to identify the talent needed by using a systematic analysis based executives identification of capabilities.​


Aligning company strategy and leadership can be a difficult task. To execute a company’s strategy, it is essential to identify the capabilities required to achieve the objectives and connect the right people to the necessary positions. Our challenge was to design a process to translate the company’s strategy into a set of competency profiles to identify the right talent.​


We used the Peopletree tool called the Organizational Genome, which includes 72 organizational capabilities applicable to different industries, markets, and conditions. The model is based on Michael Porter’s Five Forces, which shapes market competition. We identified the capabilities required for executing the company’s strategy through discussions with various groups, including functional heads, C-suite, and executives.​


After identifying the essential capabilities, we group similar capabilities and created their unique leadership DNA. Next, we unpacked the reasons why and how these capabilities would be incorporated to execute the company’s strategy. The project was documented and communicated to various stakeholders to clarify the competencies that would be most important for success. ​

Results and Conclusion

The real value of this exercise was the creation of a leadership DNA profile that lists competencies and profiles. We created these profiles for different management levels and compared them to the assessment data from Peopletree Teleprint. By comparing the profiles, we could identify who has and does not have the necessary capabilities to execute the company’s strategy. The Organizational Genome enabled us to identify essential capabilities and develop a leadership DNA profile that facilitated the alignment of the company’s strategy with the right talent. TalentPrint data allowed us to connect people with the right capabilities to the positions needed to execute the company’s strategy. ​

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