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Creating a integrated human resource ​strategy for higher education.​​


The oldest distance education university in the world with 7,000 staff and 400,000 students wanted to prepare their institution for a digital future. We helped them design and implement an integrated talent management strategy that created a future proof foundation across the HR value chain.


Higher Education


12 Months


Organisation Wide

Value Driver

Ability to integrate and align all HR processes to support a digital future.


As the one of largest educational institution in the southern hemisphere, with over 400,000 students, our client had a mandate to become the leading provider of higher education opportunities through open and distance learning nationally, and internationally. To achieve this objective, they needed to ensure that the institution was resourced with people who possessed the right talent, knowledge, skills, and mindsets. This case study explores how we helped them create an integrated talent management strategy to connect the right people with the right positions and enable them to achieve their strategic objectives.


The challenge was to integrated siloed HR teams and existing processes into a single cohesive talent management strategy that would enable them to communicate people goals to various stakeholders across the business and allow all HR teams to operate within a clearly define and well integrated talent framework.. The strategy needed to be flexible enough to cater for an agile environment but structured enough to provide clear guidance to all stakeholders. It needed to integrate across the entire HR value chain, pulling together data, information, processes, policies, tools and technologies into a single unifying framework.


To address this challenge, we conducted a full HR process and practices audit to benchmark the current maturity of their practices, and we launched a company wide talent assessment to identify the current demand and supply of talent. Engagement with senior leadership and review of the organization’s strategy helped us forecast demand for skills in the future.


We created a four-pillar talent framework – inspired by their business objectives – that focused on attraction, development, deployment, and retention. We focused on driving value for 4 key stakeholder groups; Employees, Line Managers, Human Resources and the Executive. Various formats of the talent strategy were made available to each stakeholder group, and the TalentPrint solution was implemented to create a supporting foundation of people intelligence that would be the building blocks for the growth of their new strategy.

Results and Conclusion

In less than 12 months this project transformed their HR department into a high performing people function, with clearer responsibilities, reduced duplication of effort and a more motivated inspired team. 7,000 employees had a view of their strengths, were able to showcase their talents and understood their role in the strategic vision of the institution’s future. They had created a culture of continuous learning and development that increased retention, reduced time to hire and improved employee engagement at all levels.​

This case study demonstrates the importance of an integrated talent management strategy in enabling organizations to achieve their strategic objectives. By focusing on connecting the right people with the right positions and developing them to achieve their full potential, the institution was able to position itself as a leading provider of higher education opportunities through open and distance learning.

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