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Transforming leadership culture through data driven career conversations.​


A large credit union in America wanted managers once removed to have impactful career conversations with their indirect reports but needed a framework with personalized insights to guide them. We helped managers become career coaches using a simple but powerful conversation framework.​


Financial Services


4 Months


Senior Managers

Value Driver

Empowered employees to make informed decisions about professional growth and fostered a culture of leadership development to drive long term business success.


In this case study, we explore how a US based credit union leveraged technology and people data to support their managers in having more impactful career conversations with their team members.

The case study shows how supporting managers with the right people data can fundamentally change an employees’ experience of the organization and empower them to make more informed career decisions.

Our 3D Approach

Developed a understanding of the issues​

  • Integrated the company’s talent calibration process​
  • Collected behavioral strengths using Talentprint​
Designed a solution​

  • Integrated the company’s talent calibration process​
  • Collected behavioral strengths using Talentprint
Delivered the solution​

  • Integrated the company’s talent calibration process​
  • Collected behavioral strengths using Talentprint


The credit union wanted managers to lead career conversations with their teams, but they had no framework to guide quality and consistency across the business. The challenge was to identify what data would drive better conversations, how that data could be structured to create personalized value, and how to deliver the information in a format that would allow manager and employee to connect in a meaningful way.


We scoped the data and change management requirements, identified information gaps and then deployed a custom version of TalentPrint to collect the missing information from employees. A Past-Present-Future conversation framework was created to contextualise the data and conversation guidelines were provided.


Skills, experiences, qualifications and career interests provide a foundation for taking the next step in your career. They define what opportunities are possible and identify what development is needed to progress. When you use your strengths, work will seem easier and more enjoyable, and you are more likely to be successful. We integrated various research based models to highlight the behaviours most important for success, and gave employees the ability to compare themselves against different career contexts to prioritize competencies for development.

Results and Conclusion

Equipped with powerful insights and a framework that was easy to follow managers were able to quickly and easily make an impact across the business and drive a culture that valued talking about careers and focusing on personalized professional development. ​

This case study demonstrates that most managers want to develop their teams, but they don’t always know how. By supporting managers with career conversation guides personalized for each individual employee, we can directly impact development and create a culture of leaders building leaders.

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