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Unlock Future Potential with Improved Mentorship Program Design for Stronger Leadership Development.​


A Fortune 500 client – with $100Bn in assets under management and 7,000 employees – operate in an environment where industry knowledge is scarce, and executive talent must be built within. They asked us to design and manage a high touch mentorship program to develop leaders for tomorrow. We delivered a program purposefully designed to maximize executive time and connect mentors with mentees in a way that has real pipeline impact.​




5 Months


Future Leaders

Value Driver

Ability to scale a high-touch mentorship program for future leaders.


In today’s rapidly changing business world, organizations need to develop effective leaders to ensure their success in the long term. Mentorship programs are an excellent way to develop future leaders, but finding experienced and willing mentors can be a challenge. Peopletree Group was approached by a client to design and manage an effective mentorship program that connects mentees with the right mentors and helps them build the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful leaders. In this case study, we will discuss our approach to designing and managing an effective mentorship program that connects who counts to what counts.​

Results and Conclusion

Our mentorship program is designed to connect future leaders with experienced and willing mentors within a structured system that builds on success and facilitates learning from challenges along the way. The mentorship program provides mentees with an opportunity to learn and grow from experienced leaders and create a path for their career development within the organization.​

The results of our mentorship program have been significant, with mentees reporting increased job satisfaction, better communication skills, and a clearer understanding of their role within the organization. Additionally, the mentorship program has helped develop a pipeline of future leaders, ensuring the organization’s success in the long term.

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