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Empowering executive decisions ​with talent analytics.​


A national financial services organization asked us to design and deploy a skills audit to assess staff capabilities against the competencies needed to design and execute a business turnaround strategy – connecting those who would implement the strategy with deliverables that count.


Retail Banking

Company Size

Mid Market (500-1000 Employees)

Implementation Time

8 Months

Value Driver

Ability to identify probability of current talent to implement new business strategy


In this case study, we examine how a midsized banking organization leveraged technology, people data and their talent management framework to support the implementation of their new company strategy. The case study highlights the importance of creating a platform of people intelligence that lets HR proactively support business questions in real time, and how to ensure the right people with the right skills are connected to the business’s strategic needs.


The bank required a talent audit to evaluate staff competency levels against the requirements of their roles and wanted to give their Exco team the ability to model out scenarios in real time to understand the impact of key people in their new business strategy. The challenge was to identify which managers and teams would best support each pillar of the new strategy.


To address this challenge, we wanted to give every employee an opportunity to showcase their strengths, record their career highlights and share their future aspirations with the business in a way that promoted a culture of equal opportunity and reduced selection bias. Executive Sponsors were identified and interviewed on video about the goals for the project and the importance of individual participation. These videos created the foundation for change management and resulted in a 100% participation rate across all levels in the business.


We created organisation specific “Success Profiles” that identified the attributes important for success at different levels and functions within the organisation, and these acted as master profiles for the project. The HR team completed our “Working with Competencies” certification that empowered them to create role specific profiles internally for each job. TalentPrint was used to analyse role fit at an individual level which supported placement decisions, and the learning team could tap into the same analysis to identify learning needs at scale aligned to the new business strategy.

Results and Conclusion

The executive team could model out a range of different people scenarios in advance of making organisation change, and identify who was most likely to deliver the new company strategy successfully. This allowed the organization to connect those who had the ability to deliver with the strategic challenge at hand. Furthermore, the organization was able to dynamically and accurately identify skills gaps and invest in the training and development of employees to address them.

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