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Providing board assurance and reducing risk with succession management analytics.​​


A billion-dollar property investment company asked us to help them design more effective succession to evaluate and manage their pipeline and build leaders of tomorrow. We designed and deployed a solution that let the executive team meet their boards expectations and manage future leadership risk.


Real Estate


7 Weeks


Executive Team

Value Driver

Ability to identify succession risk and implement risk mitigation planning and individual development


A listed real estate investment trust approached us with a challenge to design more effective succession planning to evaluate and manage their pipeline, and build leaders of tomorrow. Our team worked closely with them to create and deploy a solution that allowed the executive team to meet their board’s expectations and manage future leadership risk effectively. In this case study, we will explore how we helped the property investment company to identify suitable candidates and more accurately predict readiness using succession analytics.

Results and Conclusion

HR presented detailed succession analytics with development budgets at Exco level, and consolidated views of risk at board level, empowering all stakeholders with the information they needed to make better decisions about who to invest in, and how to allocate resources more effectively.

By using succession analytics, the property company accurately identified potential successors and established the succession timeline, reducing selection bias, and managing succession risks. Additionally, the process fostered a culture of equal opportunity, empowering employees to develop specific skills and competencies necessary for future leadership roles.

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