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Digitalizing Talent Reviews Yields Annual Time Savings of 9,600 Hours by Eliminating Excel-Based Processes.​​


A leading global retailer wanted to introduce a new model for assessing and reviewing talent. Managers would assess their teams and the business would use that data to discuss talent, identify high potentials and differentiate their people investment. They had designed everything in Microsoft Excel but asked us to digitize the process for scale, to reduce administration, improve data governance and drive process effectiveness.


Retail and Wholesale


13 Months


10,000 Employees

Value Driver

Ability to produce talent review packs on-demand for 3,500 managers.


Talent management is a critical function for organizations to identify and nurture top talent to drive their success. The process of evaluating employees’ performance and potential can be complex and time consuming, especially in large organizations. A business within the world’s largest retail group faced a similar challenge of identifying high-potential employees and classifying them in a clear and simple way. The existing assessment process lacked scalability, involved significant administrative burdens, and often lead to a misidentification of potential. Their goal was to introduce a new investment matrix model that could evaluate and identify employees’ performance and potential, provide a fully digitalized process for scalability and data accuracy, and improve the overall efficiency of the process.

Results and Conclusion

With an average of 10,000 assessments completed every year and over 4,000 placements improved through data driven conversation, the new investment matrix model now supports the entire talent value chain, from talent reviews to internal mobility, learning, and career development. The process directly connects high potential employees with career opportunities, providing a scalable and accurate solution for talent reviews to this business.​

This project improved the efficiency, effectiveness, and scalability of the existing talent management process. By digitalizing the process and providing data that helped validate managers’ views of potential the business could streamline their talent process, making it more scalable, accurate, and efficient, ultimately leading to improved allocation of development resources and career opportunities for high potential employees. Our approach helped the business achieve their talent management goals, creating long-term benefits for their employees and the organization.

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