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Skills and Competency Analysis

The ultimate solution to skills intelligence.

A solution that offers a comprehensive approach to ensure that your organization’s skills and roles can seamlessly adjust and adapt in parallel with the evolving industry demands.

Strategic Alignment

Map the Skills Required for Strategic Growth.

Identify relevant roles within your organisation, the key skills needed to perform that role successfully and competencies that can be used to assess application of the skill at different experience levels

Skills & Competency Framework

Build the Capabilities Required for Success.

Develop targeted role-based training plans, designed to help upskill your workforce in the key technical and non-technical skills and competencies needed to support growth into potential new product ranges, markets and industries.

Scalable Platform

Go digital and save time.

Easily collect, clean and process information at scale with a digital platform that provides an end-to-end data management component that does all the heavy lifting for you.

No need to involve IT and spend countless hours in excel, our experts do it all for you.


  • Digital platform/ Integrated digital interface
  • Expert data analysis & management
  • Skill based analytics
People Analytics

People Data & Insights at your Fingertips.

Identify the skills and competencies needed across a range of relevant roles, to assess and resolve any gaps in skills, while setting out a learning pathway for the future.. Our team of data visualisation experts build custom dashboards to help your team easily access and generate reports that provide insight into:

  • Skills Gap Analysis
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Success Profiles
  • Emerging Skills
  • Skill Match %
  • Development Priority
  • Capacity Planning
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