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Succession Management

Leadership succession planning and talent development solutions to build a strong bench

Succession is all about determining the gap. Understand what is required today to prepare your future leaders of tomorrow.

Estimate the time of arrival of your successors

Accurately predict when future leaders will be ready to fill succession roles. Understand what is required to get them there, the likelihood of retaining them, and how fast you can close the gap.

Who can grow our business? Who can drive the culture? Who is retiring or leaving?

Let us help you unpack your top “who?” questions.

Accurately predict time-to-readiness with data.

Many companies use only a single assessment or perspective to assess succession readiness. To make better decisions about successors, you need to consider multiple factors:

  • Interest: Do they want to do it?
  • Ability: Can they do it?
  • Retention: Can we keep them until they get there?
  • Aspiration: Do they want to do it?
  • Agility: How fast can they do it?

Go digital and eliminate the risk of outdated data and manual data collection across multiple sources.


  • Simple user interface
  • End-to-end data management
  • Built-in analytics

Ensure your successors succeed.

Too often, planned successors are not placed in the roles they have been developed for. If your successors are not succeeding, your process may be failing.

  • Identify critical positions and succession risk
  • Automate succession readiness assessments & nominations
  • Speed up time-to-readiness by focusing on the key skills and competencies you need using a research-based succession framework and intelligent analytics.

Eliminate the "favorite approach".

Create a data-driven culture where HR is a strategic partner that can help answer the critical “who” questions about your next generation of leaders.

  • Eliminate bias in decision-making and highlight hidden talent
  • Guarantee an internal pipeline of successors that are ready as positions become available
  • Build a culture of looking at succession management as a risk mitigation process.

Technology solutions for accurate succession metrics.

Manage the estimated time of arrival of your successors with technology.

  • Pull together all your existing information in one place and fill in the gaps with one solution
  • Get more precise about estimated time-to-readiness and build this into your development plans
  • Facilitate better succession discussions with the board, executives and senior leadership with presentation-ready analytics and custom built succession dashboards and reports.
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