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Talent Review Solutions

Talent review solutions to help you make the right talent investment decisions

Better data quality, efficient processes and talent review insights that answer the critical “who?” questions business leaders ask.

Get fast, accurate answers to talent review decisions.

Peopletree Group removes the guess work from talent decisions. Understand who your next leaders are, who to develop, and who to retain. Our solutions solve data quality, process, culture and technology challenges.

Who are your high potentials? Who should you invest in? Who are your future leaders?

Not sure what solution you need? We’ll help you unpack your top “who?” questions.

Quality data for quality decisions.

Accurate, complete and up-to-date data about performance and potential form the foundation of better talent decisions.

  • Automate time-consuming manual talent review tasks and let your team focus on what’s important.
  • Secure your data with permission-based access for teams, functions, or divisions.
  • We empower your teams to make fact-based talent investment decisions with pre-built analytics and training.
  • Seamless Human Resources Information System (HRIS) integration
  • Custom built dashboards
  • Talent evaluation insights to answer your critical “who?” questions

Simplify your talent review process.

Spreadsheets and presentations are not effective tools to collect and analyze talent review data.

  • Automate your talent review process for fast, accurate answers to your “who?” questions.
  • Guide talent conversations with a research-based, high-potential framework.
  • Make the right investment in talent that is performing well and talent that is moving fast with easy-to-understand metrics.

Turn insight into action.

Managers and leaders will default to opinion-based decisions if data quality is poor and processes are inefficient.

  • Build a culture of transparency by placing a value on people decisions based on a fair and transparent process.
  • Turn insight into action by encouraging data-driven talent review discussions with managers.
  • Accelerated Trajectory
  • Talent Risk
  • Stay Interview
  • Stretch Assignment
  • Compensation Review
  • Career Discussion
  • Identified Successor
  • Retention Plan

All the insights you need in one place.

Technology should improve, not hinder, your talent review process. Peopletree Group solutions integrate seamlessly with existing HR information systems and software to make the most from what you already have.

  • Simple, research-backed talent review surveys
  • Intelligent analytics
  • Customizable dashboards and presentation-ready reports

Results that speak for themselves

“Given their intuitive systems, we’ve been able to empower leaders to make seamless and strategic people driven decisions enabled by data and analytics.”

Carl MeyerTalent and Performance Manager - Hollard
We don't sell software. We build solutions.

Ready to make the right investments in people?

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