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Succession Planning Solutions

Develop successors that are 2.7 X more likely to succeed

  • Make faster, better succession planning decisions
  • Engage and retain top talent
  • Scale your business with the right leaders in the right roles
Animated chart displaying succession planning pipeline across two divisions with interactive elements indicating readiness of successors in various timeframes.

People are complex, but succession management doesn't have to be.

Understand high-risk roles

Go beyond senior executives and identify succession risk for all your critical skills.

Find hidden talent

Specific success criteria help broaden your search to identify every possible successor.

Remove nomination bias

Minimize subjectivity with assessments that measure readiness on multiple dimensions.

Digitize succession data

Save time on manual data collection and seamlessly connect data from multiple sources.

Create internal opportunities

More transparency in potential future roles and selection processes helps you attract and retain high-potentials.

Close the gap

Pinpoint developmental needs and create individual development plans to close readiness gaps.

Succession analytics for non-analysts

“We needed a simpler, data-backed succession solution that would save us time and money. With Peopletree Group succession analytics, we have all the information we need to accurately identify potential successors and we can access it at a moments notice.”

Head of Talent

Only 1 in 10 successors are promoted to the job they are identified for

Cover of 'Succession Strategy Report' by Peopletree Group featuring a smiling man using a tablet with a DNA helix graphic overlay.

Don’t let your company be a statistic.

Take the succession assessment to receive your free Succession Strategy Report.

  • Understand exactly what information you need to make better succession decisions
  • Use the succession roadmap to immediately improve your data and decision making
  • Create a constant supply of available successors for all your critical positions.
Save countless hours

A simpler process to empower unbiased talent decisions

  • Automate succession nomination assessments.
  • Streamline tedious processes.
  • Speed up communication across teams.
Make better succession decisions

Identify the most-qualified successors for your critical roles

  • Uncover hidden leaders with custom leadership criteria for different roles.
  • Get accurate readiness timeframes, skills gaps and development frameworks.
  • Simple dashboards and metrics help you justify your choices and report back on progress.
Boost employee retention and engagement

Better transparency, better engagement

  • Remove the noise.
  • Simple, transparent process clearly identifies future opportunities
  • The result? Greater employee satisfaction and lower turnover rates of high-potential employees.
Ensure a smooth transition of leadership

Be confident your future leaders are prepared for the transition

  • Understand if successors are both willing (speed gap) and able (skills and experience gap) to fulfill their new roles.
  • Match successors to mentors based on skills and experience gaps.
  • Actively involve current leaders in preparing their successors.

Succession decisions have never been this easy

Empower your teams with succession insights all in one place, and make smarter investments in your future leaders.

See the Peopletree process in action.

Peopletree Group process

How it works

  • Improve your Process: We collaborate with you to understand your people challenges and build an efficient process to get to the answers you need.
  • Collect & Analyze Data: We integrate with your existing HR software to use the data you already have and collect the data you need to create succession dashboards.
  • Change Management & Training: Regardless of your current level of people analytics and HR process maturity, we meet you there. Our team of experts build custom dashboards, and reports and oversee the change management process to fully equip your teams.

Let's build the succession bench of your dreams