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Episode 3: The critical role of data-driven career conversations in shaping an engaged workforce

Episode Overview

Marsha Walusimbi, who heads up Talent and DE&I in Africa for a large international company, shares smart insights about managing talent in a webinar hosted by the Human Resource Management Association of Uganda (HRMAU).

Career development strategies in lean organizations

Marsha talks about the challenges that lean organizations face in nurturing career growth and development. She stresses the importance of a creating a supportive environment where employees feel valued as they prepare for future opportunities.

This involves empowering staff to take control of their own careers and equipping managers with the right tools to identify and cultivate talent in their teams. She highlights the key role of data and tech in recognizing skill gaps, streamlining talent searches, and making informed decisions.

For the full episode, watch or listen below.


Martin Sutherland

Founding Partner and Director of Innovation and Research at Peopletree Group.


Marsha Walusimbi

Head of Talent and DE&I for Africa

Time to watch

11 minutes

Key episode takeaways
  • There are several important challenges organizations need to overcome to foster career growth in lean organizations.
  • Data is pivotal in identifying skill gaps, performing talent searches and for encouraging informed career conversations
  • The right technology and tools can shape and refine the experiences on offer to all the different stakeholders within an organization.

Peopletree Soundbites: Episode 3

Empowering employees through data-driven career conversations