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YouLab is changing its name to TalentPrint – find out why.


When we at PeopleTree Group initially created YouLab, we did so to develop a self-directed career management tool. We wanted to empower individuals with the ability to identify their strengths, and find areas in which they needed to develop – and then guide them through that development. Essentially, we started marketing YouLab as a tool for individuals.

And it worked! Employees from large organisations from MTN to Discovery, BAC Credomatic, American Tower Corporation and more, were using the system, and figuring out how best to develop themselves. But, as we implemented YouLab to tens of thousands of employees across the globe, we knew we were collecting refined data on the talent in companies – and that data could be used to truly make an impact on organisations’ talent management and development strategies.

The Big 100.

We’d reached 100,000 users, but the name YouLab wasn’t quite encompassing these benefits to the organisation. We weren’t just focused on the individual, and what they could learn and develop within themselves, but also how organisations could benefit from their talent’s involvement in this. We realised, with this data, we could develop high potentials, boost performance, collate training needs, find internal candidates for positions and combine teams based on their complimentary strengths. Essentially, we were creating a blue-print of the talent within an organisation.

And so, our focus became creating value in organisations, by offering them an intricate map of their internal talent; a print of each individual’s strengths, abilities, trajectory, and anticipated challenges, so organisations could really get to know their talent – and plan accordingly for their growth.

We needed a new name. One that better described how Youlab was being used, both by individuals to create their own career roadmap, and by organizations that were now empowered to make the most of the talent within their company. Talent that was previously invisible.

We chose TalentPrint.

TalentPrint still offers the same user-friendly, employee-focused dashboard that allows users to identify their own strengths, and get endorsements from their colleagues. It still allows users to compare their strengths to the company needs, and identify what attribute to develop. It still offers development plans and can be connected to a company’s existing learning resources.

What does this mean for our current customers?

  • Our product will remain exactly the same. The dashboard, the insights, the data collection – it’s all the same. It’s just the name that has changed.
  • We know that many of our clients are used to the name YouLab, or use their own name for the product within their organisation. That’s okay! We will be rolling out the new branding slowly to existing customers, should it fit with their current solution. We will be in touch directly to discuss your own personal rollout of the new name within your organisation.