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There’s a lot of HR tech out there. So, what’s the best one to use when it comes to talent development conversations?


Talent development is an important strategic function in any organization; its growth can depend on its ability to mobilize the right talent into its ecosystems. The good news is there are tools to help you develop talent; systems, models, data collection, cutting-edge tech. The hard part? Figuring out which one to use.

When it comes to talent development, conversations with team members around their growth, needs, goals and opportunities is a non-negotiable. And, for that, there’s TalentTalker; development conversation technology that turns managers into coaches.

“We developed TalentTalker to give managers the language of development,” says Martin Sutherland, co-founder of TalentTalker. “We understand that learning to talk development can be like learning a foreign language. It’s not that managers are uninterested in having the conversations; they simply don’t have the right vocabulary to do so.”

Here’s why organizations are using TalentTalker to guide their development conversations:

It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach:

TalentTalker gets specific when it comes to development conversations. Conversations are selected, depending on the kind of conversation a manager needs to have, and on the employee they are having it with.

Managers can first select a conversation context, such as business conversations, inspiring conversations, difficult conversations, performance conversations, leadership conversations, or career conversations.

Then, they are able to drill down and select a more focused conversation topic, within that context, from a list of options. For example, for a Difficult Conversation, a manger could select “Dealing with an unhappy customer”.

They can then go even further, by selecting one of many specific development conversations around that topic, based on the employee’s challenge in this area. For example, “Being composed” which will look at how an employee can be calm under pressure.

Once they select their specific conversation, the technology will guide them through the conversation, step by step. It will allow them to select a reason for the behaviour (i.e.: why they are unable to remain calm) and will then explain why that is usually the case – and how to go about reacting differently in the future.

All a manger needs do to is follow the steps, and then read and discuss the ways in which the employee can Rethink and React differently. Essentially, it’s given them the words they need – and helps them chat, connect and coach their team.

It is available in multiple languages:

TalentTalker offers development conversations in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and French.

It can be integrated into your existing technology:

TalentTalker isn’t yet another piece of complicated HR tech that everyone will need to be trained to use. It’s an add-on conversation tool that integrates into your existing Learning Management Software, quickly and easily.