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Peopletree Soundbites

Episode 1: Traditional challenges to promotion and deployment

Episode Overview

Challenges in promotion and deployment have largely been tackled using the same thinking and approach for years. In this episode, Martin Sutherland, Global Director of Peopletree Group, engages with Cesar Aguirre, SVP of Human Resources at American Tower Corporation. With over 30 years’ experience across fortune 100 companies, Cesar Aguirre shares his insights on reimagining talent management through a lens of sustainable relationships and long-term investments.

In an age where organizations strive to create environments that foster career growth, one key obstacle often stands in the way – the lack of meaningful career conversations. As Cesar Aguirre emphasizes, “One of the reasons that people have become disillusioned with companies is the lack of good quality career conversations.” The disconnect arises when employees fail to clearly articulate their aspirations, and companies lack the necessary insights to match them with suitable opportunities. This critical gap calls for a fundamental shift in how organizations approach talent management.

Enter the concept of People Ecosystems, a dynamic framework that emphasizes the interplay between individuals, their connection to the organization and what they contribute and receive in return.

Watch or listen to the full episode below.


Martin Sutherland

Founding Partner and Director of Innovation and Research at Peopletree Group.


Cesar Aguirre

Senior Vice President at American Tower Corporation.

Time to watch

7 minutes

Key episode takeaways
  • One simple change in employees’ perspectives can improve the quality of career conversations
  • Why the concept of “talent marketplaces” is limiting our ability to build sustainable, and resilient People Ecosystems.

Peopletree Soundbites: Episode 1

Traditional challenges to promotion and deployment