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You Understand your Client’s Challenges. Let Peopletree Group Bring your Solutions to Life.

August 9, 2023

HR consultants, you have a unique opportunity. From your vantage point, you probably understand your client’s human resources challenges better than they do.

In the world of HR consulting, the pressure is real. You’re trying to maximise value for your clients while looking for new ways to enhance your service offering to create stickiness. To add to that, you have competing priorities for budgets, resources, and staff.

Enter Peopletree Group – your HR consulting partner for sustainable talent solutions. We’re here to help build the foundation you need – think data, technology platforms, and experiences – to turn your innovative talent solutions into a reality for your clients.

Who is Peopletree Group? Allow us to Introduce Ourselves…

At PeopleTree Group, we believe in the power of partnership, sustainable solutions, and innovation.

Since our establishment in 1997, our primary goal has been to assist trusted HR advisors in implementing sustainable solutions for their clients that will actually boost organizational performance in line with their strategic goals. We have built a global reputation for designing practical, high-value solutions that drive revenue and increase client retention.

Why Partner with PeopleTree Group? 

We specialize in helping our partners create tailored solutions based on a deep understanding of their clients’ businesses, ensuring maximum impact and value.

PeopleTree Group is your partner in delivering sustainable HR solutions that are data-driven and technology-fueled.

Our Value Proposition 

By partnering with PeopleTree Group, you are not only expanding your offerings and increasing your revenue potential, but you are also strengthening your relationship with your clients by providing them with significant value-add solutions that are:

  • Scaleable: Solutions that scale are sustainable. They move great ideas beyond Powerpoint presentation and embed them in your clients business processes.
  • Data-driven: The majority of mid-sized companies have fragmented people data. Our data analytics capabilities and visualization tools will collect, collate and analyze your clients people data to create valuable insights into their workforce and enable better people decisions.
  • Technology-based: Building and buying technology is expensive and time consuming. With Peopletree Group, you can provide your client with a secure People Analytics as a Service (PAaS) offering that adds business intelligence to their existing HRIS.

Offering Value-Added HR Consulting Solutions

We work with our partners to architect sustainable People Ecosystems for their clients. Together, we design solutions that not only solve their clients’ HR challenges but also position them as a trusted advisor for years to come.

With our global reputation, extensive expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction, partnering with PeopleTree Group will accelerate the growth of your business and unlock new opportunities for non-time-based revenue.

If you’re an HR consulting firm that:

  • Has clients in Texas or Florida
  • Is supporting mid-sized clients between 500 – 5000 employees
  • Has a minimum of 5+ years in business and 10+ years’ experience in HR
  • Is looking to solve challenges with technology

Then we want to work with you.

To find out more about our partnership opportunities, we invite you to connect with us. We’ll set up an initial discovery session to understand your specific approach to consulting. Together, we can redefine HR consulting and create sustainable solutions that drive growth and success.

Let's explore how our solutions align with your business needs.

Our team is committed to making things better, faster, easier, and more impactful for your business, so you can achieve success with confidence.