Conversation technology that helps managers have development conversations with their teams.

Your managers might be work experts...

but they’re not people experts. And they’re struggling to have development conversations with their teams because they don’t know what development conversations are supposed to look like, they don’t have the vocabulary to use, or they’re saying the wrong things.

TalentTalker guides managers through development conversations that are personalized to each employee’s specific challenge.


Select a context

Pick the overarching theme of the discussion.


Pick a conversation

Choose an exact conversation topic, within that context.


Personalize the Conversation

Explore a reason for the challenge, that is specific to the employee you’re talking to.


Take Action

TalentTalker will guide the conversation through how an employee can Rethink their behavior, and offer practical steps on how to React differently in the future.


The most important conversations are with our teams...

Because they influence all others. These conversations are difficult for managers, because having a development conversation is like speaking a foreign language.

Multiple Languages
Integrate into your existing technology
Free Trial

If we give managers the ‘language of development’ we believe they will want to use it

Yolanda LacomaCo Founder of the PeopleTree. Group

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