10x your coaching investment with data-driven behavioral change

Discover the future of employee development with MyCoach

MyCoach is a turnkey solution, that can deploy quality development initiatives at scale driving professional development through effective sustained behavioral change that is measurable and managed for you.

The MyCoach technology creates a personalized development plan unique to individual talent demands
MyCoach manages the development process for you providing active support by way of a Development Experience Manager driving the 7 keys required to achieve effective behavioral change.
MyCoach Analytics provides reports to managers to actively support their development and to HR to measure overall user development progress

Why MyCoach works

MyCoach drives all 7 keys required to achieve effective and sustained behavioural change

MyCoach Key Features

Why choose MyCoach as your next development initiative

Data-Driven and Measurable

  • MyCoach analytics gives managers an overview of their direct reports’ development and an aggregate report of all user development progress to the project owner.
  • Colleague feedback and recognition allows users to see their own development progress.
  • The platform monitors user motivation and experience to measure user satisfaction with their development and MyCoach experience

End-to-End Solution for Individual Development

  • Create professional development plans for your people based on their role and skill demand.
  • Have the people development process managed for you.
  • Measure the progress with simple dashboards and reporting done for you.

Scalable and Cost Effective

  • Easily integrates into current development programs through the DPM monitoring and reporting progress.
  • One-time annual fee with zero operational costs
  • No training costs, a quick and simple onboarding session will be good enough to get your team going.

Digitized and Actionable

  • Create personalized development plans for your employees to meet future demands in current or future roles
  • Gear your managers development reports to easily support their direct reports’ development, hassle free.
  • Increase the success rate of high value talent transitioning into new roles or boosting performance in existing roles.

See how MyCoach works with a custom use case for your team

How to achieve effective sustained behavioral change within your High Value Talent.

Uniquely Scalable and completely turnkey: The convenience of our mobile solution allows for personalized development at your fingertips.

Data-Driven and measurable: MyCoach is a technology and a process for which we offer a solution known as a DPM(Development Process Manager), who monitors your teams’ development and reports progress to you.

Actionable Insights and Measurable ROI: Maximize your ROI through effective behavioral change within your workforce to increase the transition success in your high value talent.

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