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TalentPrint gives employees the ability to manage their own careers and provides organizations with data about talent within their business. Here’s how it works:

In case you haven’t heard, TalentPrint is a self-directed career management tool for employees and a Talent Management system for HR. While traditional HR management systems are HR-centric, only allowing teams to focus on a few employees at a time, TalentPrint gives every employee the tools to manage their own career – and provides that data to the organization, so it can identify who is ready to move up the ladder (or across it). Here’s how TalentPrint helps employees identify their strengths, understand how their strengths are important for a specific challenge, and learn how to develop themselves.

Step 1: Identify strengths

TalentPrint technology asks employees to select their top strengths from a set of 18 characteristics. The characteristics are based on a meta analysis of 96 research papers that identified high performing behaviors in different cultures, industries and levels.

Step 2: Find out what others think

It then asks for employees to find people who can help them identify their strengths. Our forced ranking feedback methodology reduces rater bias and provides fair and balanced feedback.

Step 3: Compare strengths to company needs​

​Employees can select a company challenge, and then see how their strengths compare to company needs. This allows individuals to see how to best use their strengths, and where they may need to be developed. TalentPrint has a library of 100s of available pre-defined scenarios such as improving performance, setting a career direction, preparing for the next level, and can customize needs based on your organization.

Step 4: Identify what attribute to develop and get a development plan

Employees can answer a few questions and prioritize which behavior to develop. They’ll get immediate expert advice on how to develop that behavior, and can create their development plan. There are over 320 personalized development ideas that are easy to implement and action.