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HR software, such as TalentTalker, focuses specifically on helping managers find the right words, in their own language, to guide the development conversation process.


When it comes to talent development in organizations today, the challenge is not a lack of interest from the employees – it’s a lack of people skills from the managers. Especially when it comes to discussing the employee’s development through meaningful and inspiring conversations.

While managers aren’t disinterested in having the conversations, they often simply don’t have the right vocabulary. Or, they’re so intimidated by the prospect of an important conversation, they’re unable to even start. After all, they’re not all people experts…

TalentTalker can help overcome these challenges, by guiding the conversation with the right words, offering actions to solve the problem, and integrating into your existing system.

Here are three ways TalentTalker helps:

It Guides the Conversation, Step-by-Step, in Multiple Languages

Instead of simply offering you an overview of the kinds of things to say to an employee when having a development conversation TalentTalker guides the whole conversation, from start-to-finish, according to your selections. A manager can select the conversation context (for example, a ‘Performance Conversation’), then select a conversation focus (such as ‘Delivering Work on Time’), and then personalize the conversation based on the employee’s needs (for example; ‘I’m slow because I can’t say no to people’). That means managers don’t have to think about the next step or the vocabulary to say it – it’s all there for them to follow. And it’s available in multiple languages; English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and French.

It Offers Tangible, Actionable Next Steps

It’s all very good and well to identify the challenges an employee is facing, but it doesn’t mean much if you don’t give them practical steps to changing or adjusting their behavior. Once a manager has completed the development conversation through TalentTalker with an employee, the system will offer ways in which to Rethink the behavior, as well as practical advice on how to React on order to change it (for example; Never agree to take on more responsibility, when you have critical items to deal with). By identifying the patterns and getting an opportunity to rethink (feel) them, we can see the world differently. By changing our perspective, we can react more effectively.

It Connects to your Existing Learning Resources

As an added bonus, TalentTalker can integrate into your existing Learning Management Software. You can add course suggestions to your conversations’ action items, so that once an employee has figured out how to Rethink and React to a challenge, they can also open up suggested training, courses or resources that relate to the topic, within your own LMS environment. Think of it as an add-on to your existing systems; not a whole new environment.